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Download WordWeb 6.8 Free

Download WordWeb 6.8 Free

WordWeb sames you time by putting a full dictionary at your fingertips.

Luckily there?s a whole batch of lexicon applications that?ll send it back to the shelf (or in the trash can) forever. WordWeb is the perfect example of this type of dictionary and thesaurus combo in a hands-on interface.

What you?re looking for in a dictionary application is something you can open in a click, paste your word, and immediately get the results. You get that in Wordweb via system tray integration, and a Ctrl+Alt+W hot key combination. On install WordWeb will ask you the English locale you will use, such as Australian, Canadian American or New Zealander. The program keeps a history of your searches and you can quickly access them via the side arrows. You can refine your search by selecting word categories like nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs and decide to show pronunciation, usage and offensive or vulgar words. WordWeb isn?t associated to any world famous reliable dictionary like Webster?s, preferring its very own online source, comprising of more than 240,000 words and updated regularly, according to the developer.

The heart of WordWeb resides in the results tabs, although the difference between them all wasn?t obvious from the start. After a bit of testing we found that the ?nearest? tab showed you the preceding and following words in the dictionary, ?see also? was a suggestion of related words and ?similar? presented a word that resembled your search but had a slightly different meaning. ?Types? goes down to the meaning of the word, for example solid ?types? will be plastic, crystal or block. The ?type of? tab is another variation. ?Types of? solid will be substance, state or form. These tools will be particularly helpful if you feel limited by your vocabulary and are looking to diversify your choice of words in the document you are writing.

WordWeb is a reliable dictionary and thesaurus with a simple, hands-on approach. It is an ideal partner to fight off writer?s block and improve your vocabulary. The online dictionary is a rich source and WordWeb should help you out of any mind jam whenever you?re writing an article.

Recent changes
  • About 700 new words and derived forms
  • Improved Chrome support

Review last updated: 23/08/12

  • Quick access via hotkeys and system tray
  • All the English locales
  • Works with rich online dictionary
  • Show pronunciation, usage and vulgar words
  • Not tied to a World-acclaimed dictionary

Download WordWeb 6.8

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