mardi 29 janvier 2013

Download System Ninja 2.3.5 Free

System Ninja is a simple yet powerful cleaning app that scans your system and helps you get rid of junk files, and also performs other optimization tasks.

Though not as feature-rich as other similar programs like CCleaner, System Ninja does its job and does it well. The program scans your system for all sorts of elements, from cookies and recently opened documents to internet history and temporary files.

Using System Ninja is really simple: run the app and click the Scan Drive button. The junk scanner will sweep your computer in search of all the files that can be safely deleted to recover hard drive space and speed up your computer. When the list is full, you can check which o28 nes you want to delete. Remember, though, that System Ninja doesn?t create a backup before you delete those files.

System Ninja also features a basic startup manager and process manager, with which you can handle apps that launch at system startup and keep an eye on currently active processes, respectively.

System Ninja is a simple, effective system cleaner with which you can easily remove all the junk files that are taking up hard drive space and slowing down your system.

  • Easy to use
  • Includes startup manager and process manager
  • Doesn't back up before deleting
  • Not as full-featured as other similar tools

Download System Ninja 2.3.5

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