lundi 28 janvier 2013

Download Frictionless Chrome extension 1.4.0 Free

Download Frictionless Chrome extension 1.4.0 Free

Frictionless is an extension for Google Chrome that removes the app add-on prompts on Facebook so you can read news articles free and clear.

Much like popular Chrome extension Timeline Remove, Frictionless helps make your time on Facebook more productive and less of a headache.

Remember when you could just click a link to a news article hosted off Facebook and actually get to your destination page, without having to go through an app installer prompt page first? Frictionless brings back those good old days by blocking the prompt for you so you can go straight to the article's destination page, no muss, no fuss.

Unfortunately, this is an experimental extension so Frictionless might not be set up to block all of these prompts yet. If you want to have a specific one blocked that currently isn't, you can create an issue at the developer's site.
Relive the glory days with Frictionless!

Frictionless doesn't block all app installer prompts on Facebook links to news articles, but it's off to a good start.

Review last updated: 16/07/12

  • Lets you read news articles directly from the source
  • No more Facebook prompt to install a news app
  • Doesn't work with all news sites

Download Frictionless Chrome extension 1.4.0

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