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Download Lost Photos 1.0.1 Free

Download Lost Photos 1.0.1 Free

Lost Photos is a tool that helps you search for and locate photos that have been sent to your email account.

If you've had your email account for awhile and haven't been keeping it organized, it's easy to lose track of photos sent to you from friends and family. You probably have a bunch of pictures saved there that you won't even remember receiving. Good thing Lost Photos exists to help you unearth them all.

Running Lost Photos is easy. Just launch the program, enter the email address you want to search (plus a password), and the app will start searching for you. Lost Photos automatically stores discovered photos in a folder and let you share them via Facebook or, perhaps ironically, even through email.

There are also some nice customization options that Lost Photos offers to help you define your search criteria. Some of these include ignoring images below a certain file size, omitting different file types from your search, and searching from a set date on forward.

Unfortunately, Lost Photos doesn't work on all email accounts, (formerly Hotmail) most notably.

Lost Photos is a great organizational tool that helps you search for photos sent to your via email.


Lost Photos works with email accounts from Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, Mac, MobileMe and Google Apps.

  • Helps you find lost photos
  • Very simple interface
  • Secure connection
  • Doesn't work with Hotmail/
  • Long process if you have a lot of emails

Download Lost Photos 1.0.1

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