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Download Tweetro Free

Download Tweetro Free

Tweetro is a Twitter client built for the touch interface of Windows 8.

If you're a fan of the Windows 8 touch interface or its 'Start' menu, then you'll love Tweetro. Designed with Windows 8's aesthetic in mind, its interface is very minimalistic and offers wide pages you can scroll through with touch or your mouse.

Tweetro is divided into several sections, the first of which is an area for you to quickly blast off a Twitter update. You can attach a picture or take one using your built-in web cam. This makes sharing photos easy. Next to your profile you will find your 'Timeline' of Twitter updates. Clicking on it will reveal the entire timeline instead of a truncated view. Tweetro also includes a 'Photos' section where you can easily browse Twitter updates that have links to photos.

One of the best features about Tweetro is that it loads links to the right without pushing content to the side. This makes for a more seamless experience as users only have to swipe to the left to reveal the website. Tapping on it will move the web page over for full screen reading.

Performance of Tweetro is good overall but web pages can take a bit long to load than other Twitter applications. One of the things missing from Tweetro is the ability to discover and look at trends in the Twitter universe. Search is still available by bringing up the Charms menu from Windows 8.

Overall, Tweetro is a great Twitter app that focuses on a minimalistic and beautiful interface.

Review last updated: 29/08/12

  • Beautiful design
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Full Twitter functionality
  • Loads links automatically in its own card on the side
  • Loading pages takes longer than it should
  • No trending or discovery tools

Download Tweetro

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