lundi 21 janvier 2013

Download Real Desktop Standard 1.80 Free

Download Real Desktop Standard 1.80 Free

Real Desktop is one of those PC applications that aren't really that useful, but have such an attractive effect on your system that you want to install them anyway.

Real Desktop turns your Windows desktop into a three-dimensional environment where all your shortcuts look like small pieces that have been dropped on the floor ? and they actually behave like that. You can move them, rotate them, lift them a bit from the floor and mix them all around the desktop surface. The only icon that remains in Real Desktop somewhat apart is the Recycle bin, probably to help you find it faster.

This precisely the main drawback in Real Desktop: finding icons. The 3D effect is really amazing, as well as the icon behavior almost as Lego pieces. But having them scattered all over the places doesn't exactly make your PC easier to use ? especially if you're anything like me, who likes to have as few icons as possible, and always perfectly organized.

With Real Desktop you can apply an amazing 3D effect to your Windows desktop, although you'll lose a lot of icon usability on the way.

Review last updated: 20/09/12

  • Very attractive effect
  • Light on resources
  • Not very comfortable to use on a daily basis
  • Nagging prompts to purchase the full version

Download Real Desktop Standard 1.80

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