mardi 22 janvier 2013

Download Fresh Pictures Free

Download Fresh Pictures Free

Fresh Pictures is a photo viewer that updates with pictures found on, the popular internet message board.

Reddit is a great source for looking at photography or silly photos. Fresh Pictures makes browsing photos from reddit much easier with large thumbnails. Tap on a photo and view it in full screen. Hovering over a photo will bring up the image title and a link to the thread on reddit.

There aren't many options to configure in Fresh Pictures. You can choose how many photos it loads at once but the more important setting to adjust is choosing which subreddit (sub forums on reddit) you want to view pictures from. Fresh Pictures comes with a bunch of popular subreddits but you can define your own by typing it in the search field.

While there is beautiful and silly photography to be enjoyed, Fresh Pictures should have added more reddit features into the app. For instance, clicking on a link will pop you out of the application and into Internet Explorer. This isn't a big deal but it'd be nice to remain in the same app while browsing. There should also be a feature to integrate with reddit to up/down vote photos.

Overall, Fresh Pictures is a good app to just view photos but lacks many features to interact with them.

Recent changes
  • Clicking 'Download' will take you to the Windows Store where you can download the app.

Review last updated: 31/08/12

  • Quick performance
  • Beautiful photography
  • Ability to add custom catagories
  • Clicking on links jumps into Internet Explorer
  • Requires lots of swiping to see more photos
  • No reddit integration

Download Fresh Pictures

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