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Download IntelligentVideoConvert 1.0.8 Free

Download IntelligentVideoConvert 1.0.8 Free

IntelligentVideoConvert is a multi-format video converter that has a few unique abilities.

Downloading video from across the web can be difficult to manage as different electronic devices may or may not play back certain formats. IntelligentVideoConvert will convert your videos quickly so that they will work on whatever device you wish.

One unique feature of IntelligentVideoConvert is its ability to join multiple video or audio files with its 'Joiner Tool.' Users will also have tons of control over audio and video when converting. It would have been nice to see IntelligentVideoConvert have some presets for some popular devices since its difficult to know exactly which video formats a device will play.

IntelligentVideoConvert will even extract audio from a video if you just want an MP3 to listen to. There is also an option to extract photos from a video clip, which is basically like taking a screenshot. Last but not least, IntelligentVideoConvert has filters for videos such as negative, rotate, blur, and mirror.

Overall, IntelligentVideoConvert offers great control over audio and video conversions but could use some presets for less advanced users.

Review last updated: 27/07/12

  • Quick conversions
  • Powerful controls over audio and video
  • Joins video
  • Some interface text remains in German
  • Watermarks video in demo version
  • No presets

Download IntelligentVideoConvert 1.0.8

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