mardi 22 janvier 2013

Download Skip Metro Suite 2.1.1 Free

Download Skip Metro Suite 2.1.1 Free

Skip Metro Suite is a simple, desktop customization program that allows users to disable specific features of Windows 8.

Windows 8 is no doubt going to be a shock to many users as it is a dramatic redesign. The 'Start' menu is gone and replaced with an entirely different skin, the Modern UI. Skip Metro Suite will help users adjust to Windows 8 if there are certain features they despise.

The problem with all of these Modern UI tweaking program is that they only hide certain Windows 8 features. Skip Metro Suite is no different. The most useful feature of the Skip Metro Suite is that it can disable the Modern UI when booting up but it only really hides other features of Windows 8. It can disable certain or all of the hot corners in Windows 8 but their features will remain. You can still get to them via keyboard shortcuts.

Skip Metro Suite is good for those looking for a quick way to disable hot corners but it doesn't really replace the Modern UI nor the Charms bar, which Windows 8 relies on to perform certain tasks.

Recent changes
  • Attempt to fix multimonitor configuration issue.
  • Attempt to fix autologon issue.
  • Fixed drag-to-close issue.

Review last updated: 10/09/12

  • Disables Modern UI when logging in
  • Ability to disable hotcorners
  • Simple to use
  • Windows 8 still relies on hidden features

Download Skip Metro Suite 2.1.1

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