lundi 28 janvier 2013

Download Get My Keys Back (GMKB) Free

Download Get My Keys Back (GMKB) Free

Get My Keys Back is a simple application that searches your PC for software keys and gives them to you in one easy to use list.

If you're installing software on a new PC, it can be a serious pain to try and find all of the different software keys for each program. Get My Keys Back will scour your PC and find software keys for you. Unfortunately, this version of Get My Keys Back only supports Microsoft Windows and Office products. This is a real shame as it severely limits its functionality.

Speaking of limitations, Get My Keys Back doesn't create any database file for future reference. You'll have to copy the keys to an Excel document and manage it yourself.

Get My Keys Back is a pretty disappointing application. While it is lightweight, it is also light on features that make a key recovery tool actually useful.

Review last updated: 18/07/12

  • Lightweight app
  • No installation required
  • Only recovers keys for Microsoft software
  • Doesn't create database of keys

Download Get My Keys Back (GMKB)

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