mardi 22 janvier 2013

Download Social for Facebook 2.0.9 Free

Download Social for Facebook 2.0.9 Free

Social for Facebook is a application that lets you manage multiple Facebook accounts from your PC's desktop.

Most people only have one Facebook account. With the growing incidents of employers requesting access to your Facebook pages before making hiring decisions though, some people have started creating two accounts - one that's public and another, more private account for close friends and family members.

If this is something you do, you already know how frustrating it is to have to log in and out repeatedly or deal with switching between browsers in order to access both of your accounts. Social for Facebook fixes this issue specifically, by allowing allowing you to switch between multiple Facebook accounts in a tabbed interface.

Social for Facebook is an app that you access from your desktop. It feels essentially the same as the Facebook you're familiar with in your browser, which is a huge perk, since it also retains all of the functionality. That means if you want to play games like Words with Friends or even post in a group you're a member of, Social for Facebook will let you do it.

In addition, you can use Facebook's instant messaging program, as well as respond to messages with Social for Facebook. Pop-ups in the system tray can get supremely annoying if you're having multiple conversations, but at least Social for Facebook lets you disable them fairly easily. The same goes for sound notifications.

The only thing it wasn't clear that Social for Facebook could do was allow you to switch between a personal account and a business or fan page. This isn't a huge downside, since Facebook now lets you do that without too much difficulty, but it'd still be a nice feature to implement in the future.

Social for Facebook hits all the right notes in giving users the full Facebook experience straight from their desktop, no matter how many Facebook accounts they happen to have.

  • Log into multiple Facebook accounts at once
  • Easy to navigate tabbed interface
  • Support for Facebook chat and messaging
  • Just like using Facebook in a browser
  • System tray notifications can get annoying
  • No apparent support for business pages

Download Social for Facebook 2.0.9

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