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Download BullGuard Internet Security 2013 Free

Download BullGuard Internet Security 2013 Free

BullGuard Internet Security is an all-in-one security suite for users who want all-round protection with a special focus on online safety.

The BullGuard Internet Security download and installation process is relatively fast and painless, although the app does force you to use a downloader rather than providing an executable file. There's no visible set-up scan, and you'll have to wait to until the suite is installed before you can customize anything. That said, some users will appreciate the speed and ease of this process.


Once installed, BullGuard Internet Security has a very simple interface. In fact, it may be too simple - the splashscreen is just a huge green button and an assurance that your computer is safe. It also gives you access to the BullGuard Internet Security configuration settings, and tells you when you downloaded the last update, but when everything is ok, gives you no other information, such as system activity or running actions.

BullGuard Internet Security's general options are accessed by hitting the Run button in the top bar, something that is not immediately obvious. You can then choose between a Quick or Full system scan, Backup or a PC Tune Up. The second tab, Help and Support, gives you access to all the ways of getting a helping hand with the program, something that the developers seem to place a high premium on and which will, no doubt, be appreciated by less technical users.

The final tab, Control Panel, gives you access to all of BullGuard Internet Security's options. Here you'll find the individual options that make up each of the focus areas - PC Protection, Data Protection, Family Protection and PC Tune Up. All these sections are easy to access and give you a clear vision of all the safeguards in place.


With its comprehensive selection of all-round tools, BullGuard Internet Security seems to be firmly aimed at family users with basic technical knowledge. It covers almost any eventuality and in tests performed well, catching even small vulnerabilities. In short, BullGuard Internet Security provides users with a one-stop shop for most online and offline security needs.

That said, there was something about BullGuard Internet Security that left us somewhat unenthusiastic. For a start, the installation lacks customization and extras, while the interface is very plain and navigation is unintuitive. For example, we were initially unwilling to hit BullGuard Internet Security's Run button for fear we would set off an unwanted scan! You can add that to the fact that the app isn't skinnable and lacks different user experience modes.

Although it's true that from a feature perspective, BullGuard Internet Security does cover all it should, we found some features to be patchy and lacking. You can run a scan from the context menu, for example, but nothing else, and the Game Mode is infuriatingly hard to access and certainly not something you can casually toggle mid-game. BullGuard Internet Security also skimps when it comes to information about resources and updates.

In all, BullGuard Internet Security tries to be all things to all people but strictly speaking doesn't quite make the grade. It isn't simplified enough for non-experienced users, and lacks the wizards and options needed to make things really easy. At the same time, it lacks the multi-layered advanced functions and bells and whistles that more advanced users tend to like.

BullGuard Internet Security is a solid all in one security program, but seems unsure of its target audience.


To activate program you must fill out a form with information including an e-mail address and password.

  • Covers all the basics
  • Very clear
  • Quick installation
  • Parental protection mode
  • Family friendly
  • Proactive help
  • Interface not great
  • Scans take a long time
  • Lacks nice advanced options/extras

Download BullGuard Internet Security 2013

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