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Download Atomic Mail Verifier 7.31 Free

Download Atomic Mail Verifier 7.31 Free

If you run a web business and collect information about your users through online forms then you'll know how annoying the problem of faked or invalid email addresses can be.

Atomic Mail Verifier is designed to provide a fast and reliable way of checking that all addresses in a database or email repository actually lead somewhere.
This can save you a lot of hassle in when you come to send mail-outs, because it means that you don't keep getting bounced messages and you can be sure that all of your correspondence actually reaches someone the other end.

Though not the most elegant of applications I've tried, Atomic Mail Verifier is certainly highly functional. Just import the mail file to load all of the addresses into the main window.
Now, you can verify the addresses by choosing one of the three verification models from the 'Verify' tab: by syntax, domain, or email address.
The program will quickly ping the addresses to find out if they exist or not, and highlight them in red or green depending on the outcome.
There are a few connection settings you can play around with too, but I found them pretty unaccessible and you don't really get any explanations of what the all do.
Likewise, some of the other aspects of the interface are a little clunky. for instance, I was unable to find a way of deleting multiple addresses from the main window simultaneously.

Despite its rather awkward GUI, Atomic Mail Verifier does offer a pretty reliable way to validate email addresses in a database.

Recent changes
  • Integration with Atomic Verifier Online
  • Some small bugs have been fixed
  • Performs checks quickly
  • Offers three reliable methods of validation
  • Clunky user interface

Download Atomic Mail Verifier 7.31

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