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Download Rainlendar Lite 2.9 Free

Download Rainlendar Lite 2.9 Free

Rainlendar is a lightweight and customizable calendar for your desktop.

When I first launched Rainlendar I was impressed by the widget-like appearance. Widget are small, handy gadgets that can pop up on your screen to show you all types of information, from weather forecasts, to stock charts or the time and date. They are usually small, attractive and very discreetly fit on your desktop. Rainlendar?s elements similarly have that cloud-like feel. The notes, events and calendar windows float around on your desktop and can be moved about your screen and disappear or reappear in a touch.

Rainlendar stands out from classic calendar programs thanks to a highly customizable interface and the possibility to quickly and effortlessly jot down notes and important events. Although it only comes with two different skins, the program offers a link to, where you should find the style which suits your tastes. But Rainlendar doesn?t stop there. You can set up hotkeys to manage Rainlendar at the push of a key and, thanks to various plug-ins present in the program, integrate Rainlendar directly to other utilities like Outlook and iCalendar. Rainlendar is always within reach as a tray icon on your desktop and bringing it up just takes a click of your mouse.

Unfortunately Rainlendar?s real originality is also its weakness. The program offers a wide range of skins but adding these to the program is far from straightforward. You have to drag your downloaded skin into the Skins folder for the Rainlendar program file and then browse to the new skin from the ?Edit Skin? option in Rainlendar?s drop down menu.

If you like to keep your calendar on your PC, but find the one offered by Windows too dull, Rainlendar is a good alternative. You?ll enjoy setting your own style and the way it discreetly fits onto your desktop.

Recent changes
  • The due date for Google tasks changed to the previous day because of timezone conversion
  • Newlines in the task description were not stored properly to Google tasks
  • The Google calendar is only shown as the target if the events/tasks are actually read from the server
  • Edit control was left visible when the window was hidden. This showed a small black dot on the desktop
  • Discreet yet original interface
  • Take notes and jot down events
  • You can add a lot of new skins
  • Downloading and importing new skins is not straightforward

Download Rainlendar Lite 2.9

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