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Download Tweeki Free

Download Tweeki Free

Tweeki is a desktop app for Twitter that runs on the Pokki platform.

Regular Twitter users know that having multiple clients on the popular social networking site can be a bit of a pain. There?s no way to easily switch between accounts from Twitter?s online interface without having to first sign out, then sign in again under your other account?s username and password.

Fortunately, desktop clients like Tweeki can alleviate this irksome oversight. Like Tweetdeck, Tweeki lets you manage multiple accounts in one simple interface.

You can read your Twitter feed, check direct messages, see who?s at-replied you, plus tweet and respond to others, all from the comfort of your desktop. Unlike Tweetdeck, you can?t view multiple status panes at once with Tweeki, but toggling between them is a simple matter, requiring just that you click the large icons on the top of Tweeki?s interface.

You can also check multiple accounts with Tweeki, although it might take you a moment to figure out how to add more than one. Simple mouse over your user icon at the bottom left, click on the settings cog icon, and choose the ?add another account? option. You can also view all of your tweets, read your favorites, and view your followers, as well as who you?re following, from this panel.

Unfortunately, there?s no mute feature to block out selective users you?re following when they might be mass-tweeting something you?re not interested in reading. Otherwise, the interface is simple to use and looks sleek enough to impress even the strictest of minimalists.

Tweeki is a great way to keep track of multiple Twitter accounts from your PC?s desktop.


Clicking the 'Download' button will take you to Tweeki's download page where you can run the program.

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Sleek interface
  • Read DMs, tweets, at-replies and more
  • Tweet directly from the app
  • No option to mute certain users
  • A little tricky to add multiple accounts

Download Tweeki

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