mardi 5 mars 2013

Download Pidgin Portable 2.10.4 Free

Download Pidgin Portable 2.10.4 Free

Are you tired of heavy instant messengers, which are slow to load, full of colours, animations, and add-ons that put a considerable strain on the whole performance of your PC?
If so, then consider an alternative, lightweight solution like Pidgin Portable which has the advantage, like its name says, of running from a USB pen drive.
You will be able to use it wherever you are, without having to install anything on any computer while travelling or working.
Just plug in your USB pen drive and run the exe file to have all your contacts from different accounts, available for a chat.
Pidgin Portable is able to connect to multiple networks: AIM, MSN, Yahoo! , XMPP, ICQ, IRC, SILC, SIP/SIMPLE, Novell GroupWise, Lotus Sametime, Bonjour, Zephyr, MySpaceIM, Gadu-Gadu, and QQ.
You will never again need to use different messengers for every account you have, Pidgin manages them all at once. Although the interface is rather simple and the icons available are limited, the program is light and lets you choose a picture to represent you.

Try Pidgin portable if you are tired of heavy instant messengers and if you would like multi account application that can run from a USB pen drive, without any installation on the computer you?re using.

Recent changes
  • General:
  • Support building against Farstream in addition to Farsight. (Olivier Crete) (#14936)
  • IRC:
  • Disable periodic WHO timer. IRC channel user lists will no longer automatically display away status, but libpurple will be much kinder to the network.
  • Print unknown numerics to channel windows if we can associate them. Thanks to Marien Zwart. (#15090)
  • MSN:
  • Fix a possible crash when receiving messages with certain characters or character encodings. Thanks to Fabian Yamaguchi for reporting this!
  • XMPP:
  • Fix a possible crash when receiving a series of specially crafted file transfer requests. Thanks to José Valentín Gutiérrez for reporting this! (CVE-2012-2214)
  • Windows-Specific Changes:
  • Words added to spell check dictionaries are saved across restarts of Pidgin
  • Portable program
  • Light and clear interface
  • Reduced numbers of icons
  • No voice chat support

Download Pidgin Portable 2.10.4

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