lundi 4 mars 2013

Download Rdio Free

Download Rdio Free

Rdio has released a desktop application allows users to listen, socialize with, and manage their music.

Music subscription service, Rdio, has released a dedicated desktop application that perfectly emulates its web interface. Manage your music library, create playlists, and explore new music. Rdio subscribers can also sync their music to their devices using the app. Lastly, all of the popular and recommended music charts are still available for perusal.

One of the great things about Rdio is its social network integration. It supports Twitter, Facebook, and Social is really where Rdio separates itself from competitors like Spotify. You can follow people on Rdio and have their music activity show up in your feed. It is a great way to discover new music and to see what your friends have been listening to. You can even create a collaborative playlist with your friends.

One interesting feature of the Rdio desktop app and the Rdio web interface is that the desktop application can scan your iTunes collection so that your iTunes library will show up in Rdio's interface. Rdio still acts as a music streaming application, but you can also send tracks to be downloaded to your mobile device if you pay for the monthly plan.

There are still a few areas that Rdio could improve upon, like including more artists. Its library is not as extensive as Spotify's. It would also be nice to see a section for lyrics.

Overall, Rdio's desktop application retains all of the functionality of its web interface while providing a couple of improved features like iTunes matching.

  • Social network integration
  • Collaborative playlists
  • Sync music to your mobile devices
  • Great music discovery tools
  • Initial iTunes scan is slow
  • Requires Rdio subscription to just stream

Download Rdio

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