mardi 5 mars 2013

Download ArmA 2 Demo Free

Download ArmA 2 Demo Free

Arma II is an enormous and serious war simulation. From infantry to helicopters, you are thrown into realistic conflicts in an imaginary former Soviet state.

This massive demo lets you go through the extensive training, and two missions. Skipping the training is not recommended because Arma II is not Call of Duty, and simply running around shooting will result is quick death! You're taken through all the controls, vehicles, parachuting and more. It's not easy, and there are lots and lots of controls.

Once you've had the training it's on to the three missions. There is a transport mission, where you have to fly with a group of marines into combat, and there's an infantry mission where an enemy stronghold is being stormed. It's not Hollywood war, and this is very much a game for people interested in simulation. Standing up carelessly will result in bullets hitting you apparently from nowhere. You have to learn to work with your team and be patient!

The graphics are detailed, and with lots going on, so you'll need a powerful machine for Arma II to run smoothly, even with the graphics on the low setting. The sound is pretty good, although the speech animation is quite poor. The focus is so much on realism, that this isn't much of a game. It's complicated, confusing and hard! If that's what you're looking for, Arma II will suit you perfectly.

This is a hard game, and not one for the casual player. Despite the parachuting being pretty bad, most of the play modes are well done, and simulation fans will find much to enjoy here


Not recommended for people under 17

  • Lots of depth
  • Tons of weapons and vehicles
  • Surprisingly good enemy AI
  • High realism
  • Some people will definitely find it boring
  • Some speech is a bit ridiculous

Download ArmA 2 Demo

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