mercredi 6 mars 2013

Download Peacock Color Picker 3.11 Free

Download Peacock Color Picker 3.11 Free

Peacock Color Picker is a complete color picking tool with which you can select any color on your screen and obtain the correspondent code in several different programming languages and systems: Delphi, HTML, Java, RGB, Visual Basic and more.

Peacock Color Picker works in a slightly different way from other similar tools: instead of selecting the color right on your screen by means of a special cursor, Peacock Color Picker captures a given area of the screen and selects the color only from this area. I personally prefer the first method, which is easier and faster. Also, the capturing tool doesn't show capturing boundaries too clearly, so you don't really know what you're going to get.

The program also enables you to open a given photo and select colors from it, although the image is displayed in such a small window that you can't really work with it. Plus, Peacock Color Picker features the possibility to build several different color palettes, but unfortunately you can't add screen colors to them (only Windows palette ones).

Peacock Color Picker - a color picker with support for different color formats and codes, customizable palettes and more.

  • Support for several color codes
  • Color palette management
  • Doesn't show capturing boundaries
  • Color palettes don't include screen colors
  • Picture window is too small

Download Peacock Color Picker 3.11

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