lundi 4 mars 2013

Download Ocster Backup Free 1.79 Free

Download Ocster Backup Free 1.79 Free

Making backup copies is already hard enough without having to learn how to use the corresponding backup software too. Luckily you can now use Ocster Backup Free to make things much easier!

Ocster Backup Free is a really simple program that helps you create backup copies of your most important document in just a few simple steps. The program works as a wizard that guides you through the whole process; asking for the folders to backup, their destination, the backup schedule and a password to protect it.

Once you've completed all the steps, the backup job will be completed for the first time in the background. Meanwhile you can start creating another one or move on to something else.

Ocster Backup Free doesn't have any other configuration options or extended functionality, but it's the perfect choice for those who look for a simple, effective backup tool.

Are you too lazy to do backups regularly? If so, try Ocster Backup Free and see how easy it can be to keep all your documents safe.

  • Step-by-step wizards
  • Support for scheduled backups
  • Can password protect backups
  • Few configuration options

Download Ocster Backup Free 1.79

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