mardi 26 février 2013

Download RSS Submit 3.5 Free

Download RSS Submit 3.5 Free

The best way to increase the popularity of your site or blog is to have regularly updated RSS feeds and to be visible where it matters, i.e. blog directories, search engines and RSS listings. RSS Submit makes it a no-pain, one-step process and ensures that you?re feeds are out there instantly.

There really isn?t any secret to this application; just type the url of your feed into the program window, click "Add" and lay back and watch as it crawls the web and offers your feeds to all major search engines, including Blogpulse, Daypop, Feedburner or Technorati. RSS Submit has up to 67 RSS listings available but if you haven?t found the one you want you can submit it yourself, thanks to the manual option. Unfortunately RSS Submit will not save new RSS search engines.

The most notable aspect of the application is the auto-discover option which crawls a website in search of all existing RSS feeds. Check out the feed analysis window on the bottom half of the program to verify feed titles and short description, word count and popular keywords. This is a quick way to preview your feeds and make sure that titles and descriptions are well-written.

RSS Submit is only designed for uploading feeds to engines and it takes care of the job well. To complement your RSS arsenal we suggest installing RSSBandit to read feeds, RSS Wizard to convert html to RSS and RSS Builder to create your own syndicated links. Getting your RSS feeds on major search engines isn?t the end of the road though, and if you don?t regularly add and update your content, you?ll quickly fall into the dark waters of the internet and all the work done by RSS Submit will have been useless.

  • Auto-discover feeds
  • Crawls the web for you
  • Submit your links to 67 different RSS search engines
  • Preview your feeds
  • Does not save new RSS search engines

Download RSS Submit 3.5

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