mardi 26 février 2013

Download Channel 9 Metro App Free

Download Channel 9 Metro App Free

The Channel 9 Metro app gives users the opportunity to view videos from the website straight from their desktop. offers videos on a variety of different developer and consumer topics. Channel 9 is a community that highlights people who develop software products and connects them to actual users. The Channel 9 Metro apps gives these users (and developers too, if they like!) the opportunity to browse and watch videos from Channel 9's website directly within Metro's interface.

The app is nicely integrated, although some videos are slower to load and play than others. There's a lot of text on some of the video descriptions, which seems a little cluttered in an otherwise minimalist and primarily white interface.

Channel 9 is easy to navigate and appears to be pretty consistently updated with new videos as well, which is a plus.

Fans of Channel 9's website will appreciate the ease with which they can now browse and watch videos directly within Metro's interface.

  • Browse and watch Channel 9 videos in-app
  • Easy to navigate
  • Nice integration with the Metro interface
  • Some videos are slow to load

Download Channel 9 Metro App

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