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Download Easy Image Modifier 4.61 Free

Download Easy Image Modifier 4.61 Free

Easy Image Modifier is the kind of tool whose name explains its purpose: it helps you modify your photos in a very simple way.

First, Easy Image Modifier doesn?t require installation, a definite plus for the less tech savvy. Second, you only need to drag and drop your images or image folders into the program's interface to begin working with them. It can also be left working in the background while you focus on another task, except sometimes the program is so fast you won't have time for much else.

As for the changes you can make on Easy Image Modifier, they're the most basic and frequent ones. You can convert the image to a new file format, rename your photos, or resize them by exact pixels or as a percentage. Note that Easy Image Modifier will keep the aspect ratio either way with respect to image resizing. On the downside, Easy Image Modifier only converts to JPG, BMP, and PNG. It also doesn't include any editing tools, consequently limiting its usefulness as a comprehensive image editing tool.

Easy Image Modifier is a simple and quick image processing tool for resizing, renaming and converting a handful of photos all at once.

Recent changes
  • Added an experimental Persian translation to the program interface, except for all the help texts because of readability reasons. Also the Turkish translation has been fundamentally improved and several image loading issues have been fixed.
Easy Image Modifier supports the following formats

Saves: JPG, BMP, PNG

  • Very fast
  • Supports drag-and-drop
  • Keeps aspect ratio
  • Supports very few image formats
  • No editing tools

Download Easy Image Modifier 4.61

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