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Download Pandora One Desktop App 2.0 Free

Download Pandora One Desktop App 2.0 Free

Pandora One Desktop App is a nice-looking app that plays your favorite Pandora stations right from your desktop.


Pandora is a music streaming website that helps you discover new music and artists. It does this by taking into account music you give either a thumbs up or thumbs down after listening to it. The more songs you rate, the better Pandora gets at personalizing song suggestions for you.


Pandora One Desktop App does the same thing, except straight from your PC's desktop this time around. Using the Music Genome Project, Pandora One Desktop App will analyze the music content of the songs or artists you enjoy and will subsequently play music that shares some of those defining characteristics.

Pandora One Desktop App is also a nice looking app. It's small and has a great, sleek appearance that will fit most peoples' aesthetics.

Pandora One Desktop App is only available to people subscribed to the streaming website's paid service, Pandora One. In order to make use of this app, you'll need to be a paid subscriber as a result.

On top of the same great service the regular Pandora web app offers, Pandora One Desktop App gives you better music quality and, best of all, no annoying commercials or advertisements during your music listening experience. Music aficionados will undoubtedly love the new perks that come with a premium membership.


To install the Pandora One Desktop App, simply go to Pandora's website, log in with your user name and password and click on your email address at the top right. Then click Settings from the dropdown menu, and choose the Install Desktop App link at left of center. From there, you'll be prompted to join Pandora One if you haven't already or will simply be allowed to download the app if you have.

Pandora One Desktop App offers all the comforts and conveniences of Pandora's music discovery service, straight from your desktop.


Clicking the 'Download' link will take you to Pandora's website where you can install the app straight from your account settings.

  • Better music quality
  • No ads or commercials
  • Customized music discovery experience
  • Great music inventory
  • Only available with paid subscription
  • App is very small

Download Pandora One Desktop App 2.0

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