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Download Ballville: The Beginning Free

Download Ballville: The Beginning Free

Ballville: The Beginning is a children's puzzle game for Windows PC.

From the creators of games like Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom and other titles by Big Fish Games, comes Ballville: The Beginning.

The game has a fun storyline, involving cute little creatures called orbees who are flying through space. In the opening scene, which you can opt to skip if you prefer, the spaceship that the orbees are traveling in hits meteors and ends up crashing onto an unknown, uncharted planet.

With your help, you can build a whole new city for your orbees in Ballville: The Beginning. You do this by solving a variety of different puzzles to move on to higher levels. There are interactive hidden object levels, where you're tasked with finding objects from a list, as well as matching games and more.

The graphics in Ballville: The Beginning aren't anything to write home about, and the levels might get boring for older children. Younger children will likely be delighted by the colorful images and lighthearted storyline.

Ballville: The Beginning is a fun game for younger kids that'll keep them busy with puzzles for hours.

Review last updated: 15/06/12

  • Fun matching game
  • Interesting storyline for younger children
  • Lots of levels and challenges
  • Graphics are a little weak
  • Game will bore older children

Download Ballville: The Beginning

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