mardi 26 février 2013

Download CopyTrans Manager 0.977 Free

Download CopyTrans Manager 0.977 Free

Are you sick of iTunes? Would you like to use a lighter, faster tool to handle the contents of your iPod or iPhone? CopyTrans Manager is the answer to your needs.

CopyTrans Manager is an excellent replacement for the sometimes slow iTunes. It lets you fully manage your iPod, just like the Apple tool: see the contents stored in the device, create playlists, add new music and videos, edit the file's tags ? including album artwork... everything on a simpler, lighter application.

The program is compatible with the latest firmware version (3.0) and also with the iPhone 3G S. CopyTrans Manager includes a built-in player that you can use to play music and video files, though the video preview doesn't work with large files.

Although CopyTrans Manager is not as feature-rich as iTunes (for example, it doesn't display lyrics or recognize iPod apps), it's a perfect alternative for those of you who are looking for a faster, easier iPod manager.

If you don't like iTunes, CopyTrans Manager is a great tool to easily manage music and video in your iPod or iPhone.

  • Compatible with iPod and iPhone
  • Supports the latest firmware
  • Fast and light on resources
  • Includes built-in player
  • Misses some features from iTunes
  • Video preview doesn't work with large files

Download CopyTrans Manager 0.977

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